Experts of Garden Maintenance & Renovation in Liverpool

Having a garden in the backyard may not be a tricky job but maintaining it can turn out to be quite a hassling task for you if you don’t have enough time to spend in the garden. It can take all your energy away and make you feel exhausted within no time.
If you are dealing with the same issue, why not call for the experts of Green Lawnmowing & Maintenance is here to help you out with an extensive range of services for garden maintenance in Liverpool. We will revive your garden and make it organised once again while you are busy with your daily schedules.

Grass Cutting Liverpool


A well-maintained garden speaks a lot about your preferences along with your aesthetic sense. Be it your commercial zone or your house; we aim to make it appear in full of lush greens. Once the clients or your guests get to see how much effort you have put to make the garden seem so tended, it will instantly create a positive impression on their minds.

Our Garden Maintenance Services Include:

Weeding: Are those unwanted weeds and plants are creating a mess all over your garden? It is high time to get over it by opting for our weeding service instantly.

Hedge Trimming: With the right equipment for hedge trimming, we shed off the extra edges of the hedge and give it excellent trimmed shape, enhancing its appearance.

Pruning: Under our pruning service, we carefully assess whether the dead leaves and extra branches are required to be trimmed down or not and then we proceed with the work. It helps in healthy growth of your plants.

Fertilising: Undoubtedly, it is one of the trickiest works that is required to be done with precision. It is not only about the quality of the fertiliser that needs to be incorporated but also the quantity of it that even matters. We make sure the right amount of fertilisers is used in the right proportion to make sure it appears to be okay.

Soil Analysis: We analyse the quality of the soil before the plantation or fertilisation process. It will determine the growth rates of the trees that you are going to plant.

Landscaping: Our experienced professionals will carry out a comprehensive landscaping plan and execute it accordingly to make sure your garden exactly looks like the way you have always wanted it to be.

Garden Maintenance Liverpool

Why Choose Us:

  • We have qualified and experienced gardeners working for us
  • We open up the scope of possibilities for your garden to appear green and beautiful
  • We work on both big and small projects
  • We offer the most competitive price for our services
  • We offer one-stop gardening solutions for all your gardening needs

Along with the commercial and residential gardening services on a regular basis, we also offer the services of grass cutting in Liverpool that makes sure your lawn is perfect and neat at all times. We will surely match up to your expectations and make sure your garden looks attractive.